The Landing - January 2024
by Cole Feix on January 24th, 2024
Hey Everyone,There's a lot happening in the next few months at Carlton Landing Community Church. We use these monthly updates to keep you aware of what's happening in the life of the church. Here's what's happening in the next few months: Elder Ordination This weekend was a milestone for our church. We ordained four new elders to lead and shepherd our church: David Walker, Chuck Benningfield, Brad...  Read More
The Landing - November 2023
by Cole Feix on November 13th, 2023
We’re getting close to the Holiday season in Carlton Landing. As we enter the Advent season in just a few weeks, we have so much to look forward to as we prepare our hearts to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! Here is our holiday schedule and a couple of exciting updates for the new year. Holiday Schedule Sunday, November 19 - Eufaula Thanksgivin...  Read More
Small Group - Galatians 6
by Cole Feix on September 6th, 2023
The internal change the Gospel brings about in our hearts always makes its way out into our lives. It’s no coincidence that the greatest commandment is to love God and the second is just like it, to love our neighbors. The love of God, the gospel of the saving work of Jesus Christ, will radically influence the way we treat others. In this section, Paul focuses on our lives together in the church a...  Read More
Small Group - Galatians 5
by Cole Feix on August 23rd, 2023
How can you really tell that someone is a Christian? If the outward “markers” and good works don’t prove that you are in Christ – or in this context, a child of Abraham – then what does? The natural practical response to Paul’s argument in Galatians is to wonder how we might know we are saved.In this section, Paul gives us three indications: (1) freedom in Christ, (2) faith working through love, a...  Read More
Small Group - Galatians 4
by Cole Feix on August 9th, 2023
Tonight, we're continuing through the book of Galatians, picking up in chapter 4. Paul's relentless argument in the book is that we can only be made right through faith. No ritual, action, or religious effort can make us right with God, only faith in Jesus Christ.Click here for the study notes from tonight's lesson. ...  Read More
Global Missions Update - July 2023
by Cole Feix on July 27th, 2023
Global Missions in the Local Church“Missions” is a churchy word, and in a church like ours, you might have twenty different conceptions of missions in the same worship service. Simply put, missions is our strategy for fulfilling the Great Commission. At the end of the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus tells his disciples, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go, therefore, and make d...  Read More
The Goodness of Good Friday
by Cole Feix on April 9th, 2023
The word Gethsemane means “oil press.” In those days, when olives were gathered, they were poured into a woven bag and placed beneath a millstone. These stones, which could weigh hundreds of pounds, would press the olives into the ground, and soon they began to sweat.A steep ravine runs down the east side of Jerusalem, and on the other side is the Mount of Olives. Some of the oldest trees in the w...  Read More
Disciples: The Gospel of Matthew
by Cole Feix on January 5th, 2023
Disciples: The Gospel of MatthewJesus called them to be his disciples. A disciple is more than a follower of a friend; a disciple is an imitator, someone who has been transformed into the image of their master. It’s no coincidence that the final lines of Matthew call us to go make disciples. That’s the call for every believer; learn to be like your teacher. We’ve been called to be like him, to liv...  Read More
The Landing - October 21, 2022
by Cole Feix on October 21st, 2022
This week during Borough Bible - as we've started to call it - we told the stories of the Tower of Babel and the calling of Abraham. Though humanity was drifting away from God, God had a plan for humanity. In the days of Seth, people were turning away from God, but a few started to call upon the name of the Lord. In the days of Noah, violence spread across the earth, but there was one faithful fam...  Read More
The Landing - September 16, 2022
by Cole Feix on September 16th, 2022
It’s “Culinary Weekend” in Carlton Landing, and that’s got me thinking about the power of meals, tables, and conversations over great food. Though it might seem like a stretch to get from there to the gospels, we often forget how much time people in Jesus’s day spent eating together. You could almost tell the story of Jesus’s life as a series of tables. He’s celebrating at a wedding in Cana, eatin...  Read More
The Landing - August 12, 2022
by Cole Feix on August 12th, 2022
Hey CLCC, What a wonderful summer it’s been at our church! We’ve met new people, seen old friends, and watched God work in every area of our community. From Kanakuk Kampout until now it’s been a whirlwind of grace. Whether you’re here in CL or at home somewhere else, take a minute this week to thank God for what he’s done in your heart these last three months and say a prayer for what’s to come. O...  Read More
Child Dedication: Spring 2022
by Cole Feix on May 11th, 2022
Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain. It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil; for he gives to his beloved sleep. Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the childre...  Read More